JM Corporate Income Tax

JM’s Mission is to file your trouble-free tax return, and reduce your taxes to the fullest extent of the law. We specialize in Corporation income tax form preparation offering expert personal income tax filings from the most basic to complex that include: real estate rentals, stocks & bonds, self- employed, divorced, part-year residents, multi-state non-resident filings, education credits, U.S. residents / expatriate situations, and more.

We resolve IRS and NYS Corporation income tax problems: file delinquent tax returns, negotiate IRS installment agreements / offers-in- compromise / penalty abatement, prepare late FBAR filings, apply for innocent spouse relief, release wage garnishment & bank levy, respond to IRS notices and represent you on audit.

Our fees are affordable. We provide a free initial consultation. Thank you clients, for making us one of the best rated tax firms on Long Island’s.


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At JM Travel & Multi Service, we’re committed to providing quality Corporation income tax preparation services with a focus on personal, friendly service. You can rely on us for income tax services performed by real people that care about saving you money. Our attentive staff can identify valuable credits and deductions that will help you hold on to more of your Corporation hard-earned money.


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Long Island Corporate Tax
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Having Problem With Your Business Payroll?

JM Travel & Multi Service can help you.  Your payroll checks calculated, printed and delivered.  On time.  Right to your door.  

Allow our team of trained payroll professionals easy with low cost payroll preparation, tax reporting and timely payment of your federal, state and local payroll taxes.  With your payroll tax forms and deposits handled professionally and efficiently, you won’t worry about filings, penalties or late fees.  Give us a call to start a one-on-one consultation.

How does payroll work with us?
  • Send us your employees’ payroll information via our online payroll services, fax or phone
  • We run your payroll and print your checks or process your direct deposit
  • We print or email your payroll reports
  • We can sign your checks for you (extra charges apply)
  • We deliver the completed checks and reports right to your door


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Long Island Corporate Tax
Business Corporate Tax

Annual Reports

Business Annual Report Service

JM Travel & Multi Service can help you with your Business Anaul Report Needs.To further ease the burden of corporate compliance, JM Travel & Multi Service offers fully-managed Annual Report Services.

We understand that a company is busy enough managing day-to-day operations, producing products or providing services. Let JM Business Annual Report Service handle your annual report filings throughout the year to ensure your company’s corporate compliance while you keep focused on what matters the most.

Annual Report Service Offerings

Use JM Travel & Multi Service to keep your company in good legal standing to prevent costly penalties and undesirable consequences.

Our ARS service includes compliance status checks, form preparations, client approvals (when necessary), state filings, advancement of state fees, confirmation reports and online monitoring as described in detail below.


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Long Island Corporate Tax
Business Corporate Tax

Sales Tax

Business Sales Tax Quarter

JM Travel & Multi Service can help you with your Business Sales Tax Quarterly. Collecting sales tax is one of the most confusing aspects of transacting business – online and off!

State and local tax authorities are becoming more aggressive in seeking out underpaying and non-compliant taxpayers leading to frequent changes in legislation and more aggressive audits. We can help you with audit preparation, defense & representation.


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Long Island Corporate Tax
Business Corporate Tax

LLC & Partnerships

LLC DBA & Partnerships

Bring your business to life with a DBA. We make starting a business stress free.One of the most important aspects of starting your business is choosing the entity that provides the most benefits for your business.


Limited Liability Company

How to form an LLC

Forming a limited liability company (LLC) provides benefits and liability protection for any type of business.

The Benefits Of Forming An LLC Include:
  • Protect your personal assets with liability protection
  • Save money on taxes
  • Establish credibility with customers

DBA Filings

Doing Business As

A DBA filing allows your business to conduct business and receive payment under a name different than your legal name.

By Filing a DBA With JM Travel, You Can:
  • Accept payments under an alternate business name
  • Open up a bank account in the name of the business
  • Conduct business with an alternate name


2 E. Marie St Hicksville New York 11801
Long Island Corporate Tax
Business Corporate Tax
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At JM Multi Service, we pride ourselves on our excellent tax and accounting services for small local businesses.


Do you or your business need guidance with tax planning, or an experienced tax professional to complete your returns?


Our Long Island, NY accounting services range from simple bookkeeping to complex accounting strategies and tax planning.


To lower your overall tax burden, we take proactive steps that are legally accepted.

Tax Planning for Businesses

Strategic Tax Planning

As your trusted tax advisor, we carefully anticipate how your business could be impacted by tax laws. Our goal is to manage your effective tax rate so more profits are directed towards your bottom line.

Alternative Minimum Tax Planning

We offer alternative minimum tax planning to deal effectively with this tax and can prepare the necessary paperwork to determine if you owe Alternative Minimum Tax.

Multi-State Tax Planning

We’re experienced tax accountants can deal with tax laws across multiple states. We’ll find ways to minimize taxes while making sure your business is in compliance with Federal and State tax regulations.

Estate Planning

No matter what stage you’re at in life, its never too early to consider the financial future of you and your family. Our comprehensive approach to estate planning considers your retirement goals and will preserve assets for your loved ones.


If you are looking for a blend of personal service and expertise, you have come to the right place! We offer a broad range of services for business owners, executives and independent professionals. Our rates are affordable. We are experienced and we’re friendly. Please call us for a free initial consultation.